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Get pants custom made to fit you
Our proven measurement process
insures great fitting custom
pants & skirts.

Get pants custom made to fit you, in a style you select, in a fabric you love.

Hi, I'm Jane Mahoney. For years I struggled to find pants that fit me. In my younger days, I was an athlete. Pants that fit in the waist were too tight in the thighs. In later years as my body changed the challenge continued. Perhaps you find pants shopping frustrating, too. Maybe you find one pair that fits in the hips, but is too big in the waist. You try the curvy style and then the very curvy style and then you move on to another brand. Do you wonder who designed these ready-to-wear (RTW) pants? Certainly no one who has ever given birth or been through menopause.

Six years ago I launched a woman's custom tailoring business with the goal of helping women feel attractive and comfortable in their pants. Now I have the satisfaction of offering pants custom made to fit you in a style you select, in a fabric you love. To get free samples of our beautiful fabrics click here.

It occurred to me that men have taken advantage of custom clothing for years. Why not women? Why shouldn't women have the choice of custom clothing? Not only does custom clothing fit and flatter you, but it helps you compete with men and also stand out as a professional in the business casual office.

Your pants will be made by seamstresses who learned the trade from their mothers who learned from their mothers before them. Yes, custom clothing costs a little more, but I am committed to paying a fair and sustainable wage to these skilled women. I launched To Your Measure in 2011 with the goal of making custom pants (and now skirts) available to everyone regardless of where they lived. While I couldn't create a store front in every city, I was able to create a great tool to make measuring yourself really easy.

Here's how the fit process works:

bullet If you live in the Rochester area, call for a personal fit appointment at 585-473-6023. You can stop in and see our fabric samples and pants styles. If you choose to place an order, we will take your measurements for you. If you live out of the area, take your measurements using our measuring gizmo. The gizmo is a series of belts that measure your torso. This will be mailed to you upon placement of your order. Learn more about the gizmo here on the measurements page.

bullet We will use your measurements to make a muslin. A muslin is a "first draft" of your pants made of cotton. The muslin will be mailed to you for you to try on. You will then correct the fit by pinning the muslin in the area(s) that do not fit to your satisfaction.

When we receive the muslin back from you, we alter the pattern according to your requested changes. We then use the modified pattern to cut your pants. The pattern is kept in our files for your future orders.

bullet If you would like to make changes to the style you select, i.e. add or delete pockets, move zippers, raise or lower the waistline, these changes can be incorporated into your pattern.

bullet If you are not 100% satisfied with the fit of your custom made pants, we will alter them to your satisfaction or your money will be refunded to you. Get started by visiting our collection of pants styles now or get free fabric samples so you can feel the quality of the fabric before you place your order. To get free fabric samples click here.

This is what our customers are saying about us:

  "THANK YOU!! Finally - pants that fit! I'm thrilled! I love the fabric and the quality is excellent." — J.R. - Boston

  "For the past several years, I have not found pants in stores that met my criteria for a good fit. To Your Measure made me very good lined pants that sit at my waist and are really comfortable."
— H.S. - Rochester, NY.

  "Jane's service is unbelievable. Jane went above and beyond to make sure that I was satisfied with my order." — ETP - New Brunswick, NJ

  "I like the material, its color, softness, the way it feels, the double button and the comfort. I also really like the way they fit my legs and my waist." — C.M. - Lynbrook, NY

Read about To Your Measure, "Local business custom-makes pants for women" by Mary Chao, staff writer with the Democrat & Chronicle, published in the Lifestyle section on August 17, 2014.